Duty Vores Chapter 1

Their duty is to serve but that doesn't mean the innocent. It just means their appetites!

Follow the lives of the four members of the Special Criminal Response Unit. Four women specially trained to properly deal with the waves of criminals engulfing their city by engulfing them.  Diana, the seductive and sultry yet masterfully conniving voracious vixen. Cara, the wolf in sheep's clothing that believes that innocence stops at her lips. Olivia, a former investigator with both an eye and a stomach for finding the truth. And of course, Alex, the airhead with an appetite, no situation is ever properly dealt without her belly taking centre stage.

A 20 page vore comic featuring:

Multiple Female Preds

Multiple Female Prey

F/F Vore

Soft oral Vore

Macro/Micro vore

And plenty of belches!

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USD 10.00

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