Vore Comic Double Bundle

The orginal voracious vixens now back - in a special double bundle

Two vore cimcs featuring two exceptionally gluttonous women. Snacking on Suburbia features Sandra, a mother and scientist turned giantess lady eating monster. Watch as she goes through a normal day doing normal things, including gorging herself on an entire neighborhood. Party Girl Pigout sees the voluptuos and ravenous futanari mayor, Rhianna heading home hungry. Fortunately for her, her daughter just happens to be home from college , and she's brought all her extremely horny friends with her. Good this Rhianna knows how to pig out at parties.

Two vore comics featuring:

Snacking on Suburbia


Female Pred

Female Prey

multiple prey

macro/micro vore

oral vore

weight gain

Party Girl pigout

Female pred

Female Prey


Futanari Pred

multiple prey

weight gain

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USD 5.00

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