Three Feasting Gluttons

Three Ladies, Three Gluttonous Appetites

A sequential comic pack featuring three ladies feasting on food and 'food'.  In The Dominant Prey - Stuffing on a Full Stomach - 15 Pages Towering Mini Giantess Irene has once again glutted herself to immobility on numerous people. Her problems however have only just begun as her dominant Prey girlfriend has arrived with a lot of food, and she won't take Irene's 'No' for an answer. Stuffing, F/multiple prey, Implied Mass vore, Dominant Prey, Sub pred, belching In The Fairys Feast - 20 pages A small group of knights hunting a witch are dragging along an unfortunate 'Guide' a half human half fairy Hybrid with powerful foresight. The only issue is that while his foresight is clear his mind is clouded and his warnings of the Fairys feast are ignored. GTS Pred, Fairy Pred, F/mmmm, gentle pred In Stuffed in Space - 15 pages Bioscientist, Latisha is told that her project is under threat, not wishing to see all her hard work be jetisoned into space, she decides to free up some extra resources, from the women that want hers. F/FFFFFF, belching, gluttonous pred, sassy pred.

A 50 page pdf featuring three seperate sequential comics

The Dominant Pred - 15 pages

The Fairy Feast - 20 pages

Stuffed in Space - 15 pages

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